Planters Plantation is the most outstanding film to come out of Africa in 2022, and it deserves to be considered for an Academy Award candidacy by United States Academy Award members

The Planters Plantation is a 1960 film that was made by Cameroonian filmmaker Eystein Young Dingha. The film’s premise was inspired by true events that occurred in Cameroon during its battle for independence from colonial authority. It was selected to represent Cameroon at the Ecran Noir Film Festival and went on to win many accolades, including Best Cameroonian Film, Best Cameroonian Actress Prize for NimoLoveline, and EcranD’or, the first award presented to a Cameroonian film in almost two decades. According to the announcement, Cameroon will submit this film as their official entry for Best International Feature at the 95th Academy Awards. In the year 2022, Planters Plantation is far ahead of the competition when it comes to African goods. You can bet your last dollar that accolades for this film will continue to pour in from across the globe.

Members of the Academy should consider proposing Planters Plantation for an Oscar in 2023 for one of the top five slots reserved for foreign films. The award-winning actress Stephanie Tum delivers an enthralling performance as a little girl who lives on a farm in 1960s West Africa. The audience is kept on the edge of their seats as the cunning daughter employs a variety of schemes and methods of deceit to wage war on her family and society in an effort to retain the reputation of her late father, James Whitaker. Alexander Powers, an American actor, is a good candidate for the part of Whitaker. Whitaker is a rich, white, and evil plantation owner. Powers’ performance as the harsh British imperialist contributed considerably to the film’s appeal.

NkemOwoh, one of the most well-known actresses in Nigeria and the recipient of various acting awards, is among the numerous Cameroonian and worldwide artists featured in the film. There are also Cameroonian actors in the cast. The award-winning actor Nkem’smesmerising and varied performance elevates an already riveting drama to new heights of intricacy, intensity, and suspense.

The Nollywood actor plays the lead role in Cameroon’s sixth Oscar entry, Planter’s Plantation.

In 1980, Cameroon became the first country in its history to submit a film for consideration in the category of Best International Feature Film for the Academy Awards (IFF). When the film was finished, it was titled “Our Daughter.”

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences annually presents the International Film Festival Award, often known as the IFF Award, to a film that was produced in a country other than the United States of America and features principal dialogue in a language other than English.

The film “Planters Plantation” illustrates how far the Cameroonian film industry has progressed and how developed it has become. Young literary talents like as IjangQuinny, cinematographers Nene Fembe and LumiereSembene, and others are helping to place Cameroon on the map for future film production and growth. Cameroon is on the map for future film production due to the high quality of its current productions.

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