How to make sure your little ones’ screen time is put to good use 

To some, the debate about children and screen time might not be resolved, but one thing is certain – screens aren’t going anywhere. This means that keeping them from your children might not only be tough, but impossible. So unless you plan on giving up technology yourself, you may need to rethink your parenting strategy. 

The trick isn’t to avoid technology, but instead, to put it to good use. Here are some tips on how you can turn screens into something positive for your children. 

Make it part of their daily routine 

Structure is important for children, which is why a daily routine can be so beneficial. To help manage technology in their lives and encourage healthy habits, we recommend making screen time part of their daily routine. This could mean, for example, watching free kids cartoons over breakfast, or in the afternoon during quiet time. Making regular can also help to minimise constant demand for screens. 

Set boundaries 

Boundaries help children to understand the difference between right and wrong, how to behave, and so much more. To help put screen time to good use, boundaries are important. A good place to start is setting simple time constraints on screen time, such as only allowing 2 hours a day. Other important boundaries are things like passcodes on devices and parental locks on things like web browser apps. 

Let by example 

You are the biggest role model in your child’s life – regardless of who is on their t-shirt or who their favourite toy is. They watch what you do and aim to emulate your behaviour without even realising it. This means that if they see you constantly staring at and scrolling on screens, they will think that this is normal and want to do the same. Try to show your children how screens can be a helpful tool instead of simply being a way to waste time. 

Choose the right content 

If you’re going to eat, more often than not, you should eat something that’s good for you. The same approach should be taken with screens. If you’re going to let your children use screens, make sure the content that they consume is good for them. This means apps, cartoons, games and more that are more than just entertainment, but educational too. 

Make it a group activity 

Screens, when enjoyed with others, can be a lot of fun. Remember how much fun going to the cinema was when you were a kid? You can create a similar experience for your children at home! If you’re playing games or watching a movie, why not do it together? This means more valuable time spent together as a family, and more memories created with your little ones. 


By following the tips laid out in this guide, you can put screen time to good use for your little ones. 

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