4 Countries To Visit That May Teach You Different Belly Dancing Styles

Taking a belly dance class in Singapore can help improve the flexibility of your hips and the power of your arms. Most belly dancers have strong stamina, which they acquire from their belly dancing classes. As a belly dancer, have you ever wondered where else, aside from Singapore can you take belly dancing classes?

If you’re beyond passionate to enhance your belly dancing skills, here are four countries where you can discover different styles of dance.

  1. Egypt. Of course, where else would you learn belly dancing aside from the country of origin itself? In the 1830s, a group of female travellers started dancing to a slow, sultry song in Egypt. They were moving their hips and swaying their arms, and that’s how belly dancing originated. Now, belly dance is well-known in Singapore and many other countries.
  2. Turkey. Turkey has a different take on belly dancing, or Rakass as they call it. Belly dancing classes in Turkey have more dynamic, rapid, and energetic movements, unlike the Egyptian Baladi style, where it’s slow and sultry.
  3. Morocco. Are you aware that most nightclubs in Morocco feature belly dancers? Morocco is also known for their different belly dance styles. Taking belly dancing classes in Morocco will coach you with hip and hair movements. Their take on belly dance plays with hair flips, belly drops, and fast hip movements.
  4. Saudi Arabia. This country is one of the countries of origin of belly dance. In Saudi Arabia, they call their belly dance style Khaleeji, where the movements focus on footwork.

Belly dance in Singapore has been becoming trendy for millennial women. The dance itself is sultry and an instant confidence booster. That is the prime reason why women like taking belly dancing classes. You can practice belly dancing even at home. There are several platforms with beginner tutorials videos already. If you want to learn it in person, you may also enrol in a belly dance school in Singapore.

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